Winter activities in Dienten am Hochkönig

Tobogganing for young and old

Nowadays, tobogganing is fun for the whole family, and you can also experience it here on a winter vacation at the Unterdachebenhof. Your fun starts right outside the house.

In earlier times, tobogganing was a way for children to reach the valley, and large sleds were used in farming to bring hay from the pastures to the farm. They would also harness horses to the sled and use it to transport wood. 

Wonderful toboggan run for the whole family
The floodlit 1.5 km long Grünegg natural toboggan run is ideal for an excursion with the entire family. After a ca. 30 min. hike to the Grünegg snack station, you can recharge your batteries with tasty treats, before racing back down into the valley. Tobogganing at night is a special family experience on a winter vacation. 

Snowhoe hikes right from the house

For non-skiers, there are numerous opportunities for snowshoeing. The region flanking the Hochkönig and from the Unterdachebengut promises excellent hikes. Just snap on your snowshoes and off you go!

Where the path ends for many is where it is just beginning for snowshoers. You can discover places and areas that would otherwise have remained hidden. With the varieties of opportunities for snowshoe hiking, there are no limits. You can hike through forests or along snowy meadows.  

Ski tours

Our local mountain, the Klingspitz, is perfect for touring. Almost at the top, you can rest at a beautiful chapel while marveling at the surrounding mountains. And if this isn't enough, you can ascend all the way to the summit on touring skis. Always a beautiful excursion. Dienten offers numerous other touring routes that are quite well-known.

Playing in the snow

Do you remember what it's like to have a red nose, a smile on your face, and to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow? This is what it was like to play in the snow as a child. Forget how much time might have passed you by, as you build a snowman or try to carve out an igloo without it collapsing. Your children will definitely have fun and will proudly show you what they've managed to build in the snow. 

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