The Dientnertal – a special treat for mountain climbers

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being free, having no worries, and being at one with nature? To make this a reality, the people of Dienten, the Friends of Nature organization, and the Alpine Association made it their goal to bring people closer to the unique nature of the Hochkönig Massif, building one of the most beautiful and longest via ferrata climbs in Austria, the Königsjodler.

Of course, there are other alternatives for less experienced climbers, too. There  is, for example, an easier and shorter via ferrata, the Grandspitzsteig.


The Königsjodler - is currently the most difficult and longest via ferrata climb on the Hochkönig. Awaiting with ca. 1700 vertical meters of climbing, it overcomes the Teufelshörner and the Kummetstein, and finally you find yourself standing atop the Hohn Kopf. The path keeps mostly to the ridge crest of the Teufelshörner, and passes by small and large gorges (Jungfrauensprung). Since most of the towering summits are generally followed by a steep descent, followed again by yet another steep climb up the next tower, those 1700 vertical meters are a real test of your endurance, definitely only recommended for experienced alpinists (definitely not for children or beginners!!!).

Sehr langer und sehr schwerer Klettersteig. Sehr gute Kondition und Erfahrung an Klettersiegen im Schwierigkeitsgrad D notwendig.

Kleittersteig Grundausrüstung, Klettersteig-Handschuhe und Helm. Für Kinder und Anfänger nicht zu empfehlen, Sicherungsseil unbedingt erforderlich!!

Refreshment opportunities along the way:
Erichhütte (OeAV) auf 1545 m and Matrashaus on the summit at 2941 m


For beginners, we first recommend the Grandlspitzsteig (C/D, ca 170 m), which is good in combination (Erichhütte - Taghaube - secured and marked crossing A/B - Grandlspitzsteig (D/D) - descent A7B - Erichhütte) or single tour. 

Rule of the thumb:
If you already have problems on the Grandlspitz, the Königsjodler is definitely not for you! (from the end of the Grandlspitzsteig, you can descend to the Hohe Scharte; however, the route is not yet marked or secured, and is therefore currently not recommended ...).

Basic via ferrata climbing equipment, climbing gloves, and helmet. Nor recommended for children and beginners, climbers should be securely tied on!!Depending on snow conditions on the Birgkar, you might need light crampons and an ice pick.

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